Argentina Flavors

Taste Argentina’s different destination through the most exiting experiences


Day 1. Buenos Aires.
Arrival at Buenos Aires. Private Transfer with guide to Sofitel Hotel.

Day 2. Buenos Aires. (B, D )
5 hs tour to explore Buenos Aires City. We will visit the Plaza de Mayo, the historic, political, and foundational epicenter of the city; surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, the House of Government, the Cabildo, and the Municipality. Continue south through old streets of San Telmo, tango district … More to the South, they will visit La Boca, with its Boca Juniors Stadium, the greatest exponent of the Argentine Passion, Football. Visit to ¨Caminito¨, center of tourist attraction. Through the old port, they will see how the physiognomy of the city is changing; until they reach Puerto Madero, the most modern and luxurious neighborhood of it. They will visit Palermo, a residential neighborhood with parks and elegant buildings, such as the San Martiniano Institute and various embassies, museums, and significant monuments. Continue through the area of Forests: The Rose Garden, The Magna Letter Monument, and the Four Regions of Argentina. Continue to Av. Del Libertador, we will finally reach the sophisticated Recoleta, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods where, among other attractions, we will find the famous cemetery with elegant cafes and restaurants; thus arriving at the end of the ride.

During the tour, we will make special stops at some secret places to enjoy some local food and learn about argentina’s flavors.
At night, you will enjoy a tango lesson followed by a dinner and tango show.

Day 3. Buenos Aires (B, D)
Day at leisure to explore the city.
At night discover the tradition of the Asado served with a twist. Enjoy an 8 course tasting menu that explores new ways of serving Argentine classic cuts of meat. While sitting in a bar, you will see and experience different cooking techniques on the grill in a close and personal way. This will be a memorable evening, beyond the usual expectations of a steakhouse.

Day 4. Buenos Aires – Ushuaia (B)
Today we will head up to the airport and take a flight to Ushuaia. Arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 5. Ushuaia (B)
Today we depart from Ushuaia heading north to the detour of the provincial route “J” that will take us back to the Beagle Channel. Once we arrive at Brown Bay we will deviate towards the beginning of a hike to the waterfall of the Lasifashaj River, the estimated time of this pass is 1.30 hs round trip. Its mighty fall next to the solitude of the road will pleasantly surprise us. After enjoying this place for a while we will return to the vehicle to go in the direction of Puerto Almanza which is the main port of artisanal fishermen where they are mainly dedicated to the capture of crab. Passing Puerto Almanza a few kilometers away we will reach the house of one of the most recognized fishermen in this area, not only for her activity and trajectory but also because she is the only captain of the Beagle Channel.

She is waiting for us at her house to go step by step tasting all the dishes of the amazing Beagle Channel making us spend a gastronomic experience and social encounter that will be unforgettable.

At night, we will enjoy dinner at Kalma Restaurant.

Day 6. Ushuaia (B, L)
Every land has its own secrets but not everyone is chosen to know them. A lighthouse in a lonely cape, a mysterious sunken ship for 40 years, and a distinguished antique estancia are some of the icons that reveal the unknown stories of Tierra del Fuego. Early in the morning, our Tierra Turismo Team leave Ushuaia with our guests following National Route 3 and crossing The Andes through the Garibaldi Pass. Standing at 450 meters above sea level, this is one of the most interesting points of the trip. They travel about 60 kilometers when Lake Escondido surprises us in the middle of the high rocky walls. As they continue, they observe the ecosystem gradually transforming from the woods to the steppe at the northern part of the island, a region known for breeding the best lambs in the world. During the morning we go to the Provincial Route “A,” where we take a gravel road and visit the Estancia Rolito. This lovely ranch, that keeps the spirit of a family business based on sheep farming tradition, is the first ranch to open its gates to rural tourism. It is here that we make a pause for a delightful tea with home-made cakes, cookies, and marmalades. Our travelers also take some time to walk around part of the gorgeous 500-hectare ancient lenga forest, taking thick green pathways with the smell of wild mint and the chirping of birds dwelling in the foliage, where there were already some wool bales from the first shearing. After enjoying this picturesque place, we continue heading toward the Atlantic Ocean and the San Pablo Cape. At this point, we hike up to an isolated mountain with an abandoned lighthouse at the end. Climbing to the top of this beacon, our guests can appreciate The Desdemona, an abandoned ship for almost 40 years ago which invites us to sail through time. It happened on a cold winter morning in 1983; when this enormous craft ran aground on the shores of the Argentine Sea. Long ago it carried many different cargoes, this time it was hundreds of cement bags that fell, resting like petrified mummies. After exploring this mysterious giant, we visit local fishermen who will invite our guests to enjoy a home-made lunch with fresh fish at their house.

Day 7 Ushuaia (B).
Day at leisure to explore Ushuaia.

Day 8 Ushuaia – Bariloche
In due time, private transfer to airport. Arrival at Bariloche and private transfer to Hotel.
We will enjoy a nice Welcome Hike. First we cross the steppe, we see the mountains, the ski center, discovering the lake, the possibility of traversing through Bariloche from end to end and go along the route of Av. Bustillo.

Taking a quiet walk through the forest while catching sight of the incredible surroundings, is the best way to approach Patagonia. This walk in the forest goes through a trail with gentle slopes that allows you to see coihues, cypresses and other native trees. The path leads to a viewpoint of Nahuel Huapi Lake, ideal to admire stunning landscapes. There, glaciers in the high mountains, native forests, and islands that unfold in the arms of the lake tell a story of thousands of years. We will reach a secret viewpoint with and imposing scenery, chosen to sit down, drink mate and taste typical homemade delicacies. At the end of the walk, we will have breathed in deep and for the first time the air of Patagonia. The vehicle will undertake the return to the city and leave the passengers at their hotel.
Dinner at Cassis Restaurant.

Day 9 Bariloche. (B, L, D)
One of our guides will pick you up at the hotel’s lobby at 10 AM for your private transfer to the pier (30 minutes from downtown / 5 minutes from Llao Llao Hotel).We will board a private boat to sail Nahuel Huapi’s crystal clear waters for 45 minutes up to this millenary island, while overseeing Cerro López and Cerro Capilla in the surroundings of Tristeza and Blest arms and tasting our cultural Mate along the way.

The tour of the Island is lived as a journey through time where we will hike the woodlands through 5,5 to 8 kilometers of inner trails with an altitude gain of 110 meters (360 feet) up to 900 meters (2995 feet) above sea level. We disembark at Playa del Toro pier where the trekking starts, leading to a first mandatory stop at the cave paintings where we begin to connect with the place from another cultural point, understanding the Island as a unit beyond the white man. Then we head up to a viewpoint, from where we observe Cerro Millaqueo, Isla de los Gansos and the Andes mountain range that surrounds us. While analyzing and observing the environment, differentiating native from exotic trees, and the importance they hold for local species, we’ll begin to perceive the Island from its different smells and textures beyond its foliage. The journey continues to La Escuelita, the local school, a central place of attachment to local people, where we come into contact with their community and understand the importance of the different paradigms of education and contact with different world travel cultures. From there we go down to Totoras, where we reach the other side of the island, outside the traditional circuit, arriving at the beach protected by pataguas, myrtle trees, monkey puzzle trees (male and female) and larch trees. Returning through the Swiss Vallecito up to the Central Zone, go up to the Nursery Garden connecting with the whole process of restoration of native species. The next stop steers directly to the history of the white man in the Island, with the house of Anchorena, the Park-Rangers School, and the soon-to-be restored museum where we have the possibility of attending a bathroom, talk about the native people that used to live here and their cave paintings and canoes. If the possibility arises, we will talk about the colony that started with the manufacture of boats and the exploitation of lumber.

Then we head north along the coastal path to Aserradero Viejo, where we’ll play to interpret and compare the original forest with the exotic one and we may listen to different bird species and discover insects. Throughout the hike we can find natural chilcos and if we are silent enough, we can even see deers or pheasants. Towards the end, we will observe the change of vegetation: from Coihues to Ñires and Cipreses until the great descent that ends at the bay of Antepuerto where a private chef is waiting for us. Our aim is to bring back to life the ancient customs and share these flavors with cultural and emotional roots. Therefore, we welcome our guests with a refreshing drink to recharge and energize their souls.
After lunch, we’ll return to the boat with the possibility of navigating to the bay of the sunken ship to keep track of where we were previously. Finally, we start the return to the port on a navigation of relaxation and contemplation while offering drinks, blankets and sunscreen. If weather permits, we may jump off rocks and swim in the Lake!
Dinner at Foco Restaurant.

Day 10. Bariloche (B, L, D)
Only a few places in the world are left without cell phone coverage, such as in Brazo Tristeza, one of Nahuel Huapi Lake’s arms. This day we will take you to the least populated place of Lake Nahuel Huapi, in the middle of the Valdivian jungle, surrounded by coihues, myrtles and larches where a combination of waterfalls allow us to connect with the most virgin nature of Northern Patagonia and from there to enjoy the contrasts of the Patagonian steppe, the forests and the jungle.

The activity begins at 10 o’clock in the morning, when your exclusive vehicle and guide will pick you up by the hotel, to go to Bahía López. From there, an hour-long journey on a private boat begins. This side of the lake is one of the most stable places to navigate, and the depth of Brazo Tristeza gives us the sensation of traveling through nordic fjords, protected from the wind and with little waves that ensures calm waters on days of Patagonian winds. Trouts, waterfalls, flowers, leaves of different sizes allow us to discover the Valdivian jungle. During our navigation we will be able to detect the variety of bird species such as pairs of great grebes, coots, flying condors or perhaps their nests. The landscape shows its glacial origin through the deep coastlines formed thousands of years ago by the erosion caused by the passage of large masses of ice. If the weather allows it and there are no clouds on the horizon, we can even see Mount Tronador and it’s an imposing 3450 meters’ peak eternally snow-covered, the highest in the region. At the end of Brazo Tristeza, we disembark for a two-hour hike through the forest to the waterfall of Frey stream, located at the heart of the forest. During our walk, we might spot black-crowned night-herons fishing and trout jumping up waterfalls. Upon returning, the chef surprises the group with a gourmet lunch prepared on site. Delight yourself with a feast of flavors to give closure to a journey of discovery in one of the most spectacular places of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. A three course meal combining ancient recipes and ingredients from the Andean America (see MENU for full description). After lunch, the return on the boat to the dock is undertaken. From there, your private transfer will take you back to the hotel.
Dinner at Fuegos de la Patagonia.

Day 11. Bariloche (B)
Day at leisure to explore Bariloche.

Day 12. Bariloche – Mendoza (B).
Transfer to Bariloche Airport and flight to Mendoza
Arrival and transfer to Hotel.

Day 13. Mendoza (B, L)
Full day exploring the area of Maipu Valley. Situated in the East of Mendoza and with a magnificent view of the Andes range, this terroir hosts the most traditional wineries of the region. 80 years old vineyards along the roads, either pergola or vertical shooting position, allows visitors to discover the reasons of different styles of Vineyard management,
(Private transfer with local guide, wine tastings are share service) Finally we will enjoy a delicious lunch after visiting the third wineyard.

Day 14. Mendoza (B, L)
Today we will enjoy an amazing cooking lesson at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Bodega Andeluna offers one of the best settings to carry on a cooking class. The open kitchen allows visitors to work comfortably in the main kitchen as well as in the main dinning room. Also, the winery has a wide and comfortable roofted outside area facing the vineyards where classes can be carried on as well.

Upon arrival we will be greeted by our hosts who will show us to our working station. The head chef will demonstrate how to make empanadas, one of Argentina’s most popular dish. From preparation of the dough to the staffing and the amazing art of closing the empanadas (repulgue), we will learn all stages.
While our magnificent creations are in the brick oven, we will tour the winery with a glass of wine.
Empanadas and a six step Lunch paired with wines.
After Lunch, Visit and tasting in Diamandes Winery

Day 15. Mendoza (B)
Day at leisure to explore Mendoza.

Day 16 Mendoza – Buenos Aires. (B)
Transfer to Mendoza Airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to Sofitel Hotel.

Day 17 Buenos Aires. (B)
Transfer to international aiport to take flight back home.

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  • 4 nights at Los Acebos, standard room with breakfast included.
  • 4 nights at Lares de Chacras Hotel, standard room with breakfast included.
  • All private transfers with chauffer / guide as per the description.
  • Foodie City tour in Buenos Aires
  • Tango Lesson & Dinner and show
  • Fogon Experience
  • Foodie Experience in Ushuaia
  • Excursion to Estancia San Pablo & Rolito
  • Welcome Hike in Bariloche
  • Isla Experience in Bariloche
  • Exotic Lake Excursion in BAriloche
  • Chocolate Tasting
  • Wine Tour with lunch included
  • Cooking class in Andeluna

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