Experience Lapland: An Arctic Adventure

Lapland casts a powerful spell and irresistibly haunts the imagination and memory. It is the largest, most genuine experience park in Finland, the land of fells and northern lights. During periods of snow, Lapland presents itself as sparkling clean white snows capes with the glowing northern lights dancing through the dark skies. Its unique nature, diverse activities and fascinating attractions offer unique holiday experiences throughout winter; dog-sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoe-hiking, cross-country skiing and, ultimately the sauna and an arctic swim – a tradition that shouldn’t be missed when visiting this part of the world! And let’s not forget – Finnish Lapland is also the home of Santa Claus and his reindeers. So come along and Experience a unique Adventure, moments of twilight, splendid colours, nature, wildlife and so much More ☺

Get ready for an enchanting holiday!

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