Sardegna is a gem waiting to be explored.  Offering extensive beaches, diversified countryside, impressive mountain ranges, views stretching as far as the horizon and wide plains covered in flowers, this ancient and enchanting island has something to offer for every taste.

Despite the growth of tourism in Sardegna in recent years, this remarkable Italian island has retained its wild, uncontaminated beauty, and visitors always enjoy a completely authentic experience.

Vast areas have remained magically intact and are inhabited by deer, wild horses and large birds of prey. Other areas have had human settlements evolving over the millennia.  Huge blueness dominates with its shades, penetrating into winding coves, along the coasts and the many beaches. A paradise for people who love the sea, from the night-life of the Costa Smeralda to the peaceful beauty of The Maddalena Archipelago, as well as for active travellers enjoying water sports, trekking and climbing.

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