Located in a high valley in Italy, bordering Switzerland, Livigno is 1816m high. The surrounding slopes tower to 3000m, the Carosello Mountain on one side and the Mottolino Mountain on the other. At this altitude, it is no wonder that Livigno’s skiers can always rely on first rate snow conditions.

Livigno is rated as a top skiing resort because it simply has it all – fantastic snow throughout the skiing season, wonderful ski runs, vast range of activities, great nightlife and duty-free shopping. This Alpine village is located in a high valley 1816m in Italy bordering with Switzerland and it spans 25 km with surrounding slopes towering up to 3000m. At this altitude, it is no wonder that Livigno’s skiers can always rely on first rate snow conditions spread over 120km of slopes between Carosello and Mottolino mountains.

Lessons are essential for beginners and recommended for intermediate and advanced skiers. The methods taught during these lessons will allow you to improve your technique and approach more difficult slopes with greater confidence, including the beautiful red and black slopes available in Livigno.

The first two days are spent on a small escalator carpet, which carries you up a gentle slope, before you start skiing slowly down. You will be taught how to stop, turn and slow down on a very small flat slope and beginners enjoy the skiing sensation immediately. The lessons then progress to learning how to go up a ski lift and tackling a slightly longer slope. By the end of the week, our beginners usually comfortably tackle a full easy slope with confidence.

This does not mean they know it all as it takes several skiing holidays to make a good skier, but with us beginners enjoy the whole week of skiing, and look forward to their next skiing holiday.

Skiing is a group activity, so skiing together with family or friends is something our clients always look forward to. Parents or friends who are not skiing may still accompany skiers during their lessons.

Much more than just skiing


Horse lovers are well catered for in Livigno where riders of every ability can spend time enjoying the special ambiance of the snowy slopes from horseback. Under supervision you can follow the trails through the trees of the lower slopes of the valley and bask in the enchantment of the clear, crisp mountain air.


For those who want a more sedate equine experience, the horse drawn carriage is the choice for you. This is a tranquil activity suitable for everyone.


Snowboarders have their own fun parks in Livigno in addition to the regular pistes. There is also a competition level snow park with half pipes, rails, jumps and a mega sound system. Snowboard lessons can also be organised on request.


One of the favourite non-skiing activity for our clients of all ages is the jet-biking experience. Spend 40 minutes driving the bike, while enjoying the breathtaking scenery… speed, snow and lots of fun! You may drive the bike if you are 18 years or older.


Ride to the top of the piste in the chairlift with the sledge in hand, and then sledge down the whole piste. This is definitely the activity which appeals to the broadest age range and it is not unusual to find three generations of a family all enjoying the sledging experience together.

Quad bikes

Take quad biking to the next level with some drift racing on the ice circuit on the frozen lake. Adult and child quad bikes available.


Fly across the snowy slopes without an engine or your skis with this popular activity. It’s simple, you just sit in a large inflated tyre-tube and slide down the twisting circuit specially laid out at the bottom of the slopes. Suitable for all ages.


The Latteria (dairy) is worth a visit where by means of audio equipment you can hear a commentary. You also see how and where the delicious cheese, milk, butter and cream is made and of course get to taste it.


How about a challenge between friends? Take a spin on the go-kart like never before. Fun activity both for adults and kids.

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